20d9 ntc thermistor datasheet 2n3904

1) ctl-right-click on the symbol, and set the SpiceModel parameter to be the name of the subckt e.g. ntc 2) add a .include statement to the schematic with the path to the model. If you put the .sub file in the C:\Program Files\LTC\LTspiceIV\lib\sub directory, you don't have to provide the entire path so you would add.include ntc.sub Order today, ships today. IRF510PBF – N-Channel 100V 5.6A (Tc) 43W (Tc) Through Hole TO-220AB from Vishay Siliconix. Pricing and Availability on millions of electronic components from Digi-Key Electronics. 2n5194 bd442-mbr 2n5195 bd442 2n5195 bd442-mbr 2n5195 bd442 2n5197 jfets n diff. amp. 50v 50ma 2n5204 thyr. 600v 22a 40/100 ma 2n5209 bjts npn amplifier 50v 50ma 2n5210 2n3904 2n3904-mbr 2n5210 bjts npn amplifier 50v 50ma 2n5239 2n5240 2n5240 si-n bux48a 375v 5a 100w >2mhz 2n5241 bux48a 2n5245 bf245a bf245a-mbr 2n5264 bux98a 2n5284 2n5339 ... Nov 01, 2013 · How The LDR Circuit Diagram Works. The LDR circuit diagram works like this: When it’s dark, the LDR has high resistance. This makes the voltage at the base of the transistor too low to turn the transistor ON. Therefore, no current will go from the collector to the emitter of the transistor. Sparkfun mbed Starter Kit from Tronixlabs Australia Product Description The Sparkfun mbed Starter Kit (mSK) from Tronixlabs Australia is a great way to get into user created projects created by ARM to assist with rapid prototyping on microcontrollers. i 114486 NB21M00333JBB NTC熱敏電阻 0603 33Kohm i 114302 103AT-4 Shape2 NTC熱敏電阻 10Kohm ±1% i 114300 103AT-11 NTC熱敏電阻 10Kohm ±1% -50℃ to +105℃ i 114298 203AT-2 NTC熱敏電阻 20Kohm ±1% i 114295 102AT-2 NTC熱敏電阻 1Kohm ±1%