Variegated redtwig dogwood plant fact sheet

Deer Resistant Plants Colorful Plants Red Twig Dogwood Dogwood Berries Garden Trees Garden Shrubs Orchids Garden Trees And Shrubs Trees To Plant Whether you're starting a garden from scratch, ripping out under performers, or have a place where you need a bit of sexy eye-candy, there's no shame in Upright, spreading shrub decorated by rich green leaves with creamy white bands along the margin. Tiny white flowers in late spring produce small off-white fruit. Twigs from plants with colorful bark, such as red-twig dogwood, also can brighten a wreath. If you use cones, acorns, or other nuts gathered from the garden, first bake them to dry out any sticky sap and kill off any small insects that might lurk. Line a cookie sheet with wax paper or parchment paper.