Casco bay chart 13290

Weekend Navigator student will need a copy of Casco Bay Chart #13290_1 and have access to home computer or laptop for home assignments. Software for these assignments will not work on tablets. This is a 10 week course Southern Maine Community College South Portland, ME Casco Bay chart 13290, NOAA nautical chart 13290, Artiplaq mounted Casco Bay chart, Harpswell nautical chart, South Freeport nautical chart plaque mounted Atlantic Coast | Artiplaq Skip to main content Visiting Portland Harbor, at the western end of Casco Bay and the most important port on the coast of Maine, is exciting and fun. ... West Cod Ledge (chart 13290), a ... 3. The user acknowledges that information provided by the NOAA Chart Update web site is intended as a tool for the convenient updating of nautical charts, but it must not be used as a substitute for the United States Coast Guard, National Imagery & Mapping Agency or Canadian Coast Guard Notice to Mariner publications. 4.