Common core sheets fraction division games

examples and solutions, Teaching and Learning Resources for Common Core Grade 3, develop understanding of multiplication and division and strategies for multiplication and division within 100, fractions, unit fractions (fractions with numerator 1), the structure of rectangular arrays and area, describe and analyze two-dimensional shapes Compare two fractions with different numerators and different denominators, e.g., by creating common denominators or numerators, or by comparing to a benchmark fraction such as 1/2. Recognize that comparisons are valid only when the two fractions refer to the same whole. Each worksheet has 12 problems dividing fractions. Create New Sheet One atta Time Flash Cards Customize Sheet Share Select a Worksheet Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 5 Version 6 Version 7 Version 8 Version 9 Version 10 Grab 'em All Create New Sheet One atta Time